With many eyeballs online today, it’s is essential that you pass your unique brand message clearly. The best way to do that and distinguish your business is to create an awesome logo. But designing a logo yourself is not a walk in the park. There are many mistakes you’re going to make. Here are some of the mistakes you might make in the course of creating your logo with logo design software:

1.     Designing a logo yourself without the right skills

While free logo maker software providers say that you can design your own logo without logo design skills, the result might not be good enough for your business. You want your business to look professional and compete with other businesses. So you can’t afford to come with a mediocre logo. If you know that you don’t have the right skills to create a professional logo, you’d better hire a professional logo designer to do it for you.

2.     Relying too much on trends when designing your logo with a logo maker generator

These days, trends come and go quickly. So if you’re relying on trends to create your logo, you may be disappointed in the future, because when the trend disappears, no one would want to look at your logo. While it’s a good idea to keep trends into account while designing a logo, consider logo designs that have long staying power. These kinds of logos will still be impactful after many years.

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3.     Using stock art to create your logo with logo download software

Most people like to utilize stock vector graphics to design their logos. This puts them at a great risk. While downloading vector stock images from photography websites can be legal, using them on your logo can be risky for your business. You may find that you’re infringing on copyright laws as other companies might have already used them. Make sure your logo is unique by avoiding stock arts like the plague.

4.     Not keeping your target audience in mind when designing your logo with logo maker software

This is a common mistake most first-time business owners make. The aim of starting a business is to impress your customers so that they can buy from you. And so, when creating a logo, keep the customer’s interest first if you want them to like your logo design.


You need to avoid these mistakes when creating your logo using free logo maker software. It will help you turn out logos that are truly professional.