Creating your own logo can be a daunting task, more so if you don’t have experience and expertise on the same. But there are specific steps to take to ensure you do it professionally. Check the steps below:

  • Research before you create a logo with free logo download software

Extensive research is the bedrock of creating a great logo. You can avoid the many mistakes people make when creating logos themselves if you do proper research. There are many forums online that talk about tips on creating logos with free logo design software. You can also see customer reviews to find out which free logo maker software is the best out there. Research should also include looking at other logos in your niche. Check out their statistics and pick ideas from high performing logos to implement when designing your own.

  • Follow the rules when making your logo with a logo maker generator tool

There are four essential rules for logo design. It should be describable, memorable, scalable and able to work without adding color. If you look at the most successful logos out there, you’ll notice that they abide by these fundamental rules. For example, if you are told to describe the Shell logo, you can do it in seconds. ‘’It looks like a shell”. That’s how simple you can describe it. While experts say that a successful logo should define what your business is all about, that may not be possible, considering the size of a logo. There is hardly space to add more words. You can choose an object that many customers will remember, and you might be surprised how the logo sells. Ideally, a great logo is about picking quality elements, such as graphics, text, objects, and fonts and injecting your own creativity.

  • Sketch your logo before you use free logo maker software to design your logo

It’s crucial that you sketch your logo ideas first before you log into free logo design software. While technology allows you to sketch your ideas on a computer, a pen and a paper is still the best way to do it on the go. Ideas come while traveling, in a library or cafe, so a pen and paper would be convenient because you can carry them around conveniently.


Once you’ve sketched your logo design ideas, you can now use the chosen logo maker generator to design your logo. With these steps, you can be sure that you’ll create a business logo that will have a lasting effect.